A message from Magnolia about vape products

At Magnolia, we’re working diligently to ensure the products we carry in our store are above industry standards and safe for consumption. As of two weeks ago, we have removed any potentially harmful products from our shelves. In addition:

  • The majority of vaping-related lung sicknesses is likely associated with illegal, off-market products. (Source: NY Times, NBC News)

  • For this reason, Magnolia encourages consumers to make informed purchasing decisions by understanding where their vape products come from. Purchasing vape products from reputable, licensed dispensaries is one effective way to minimize this risk.

  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers, we’ve ensured all products sold in our store are made via solvent-free extraction methods only, and are third-party tested to ensure that no residual solvents are present.

  • If you’ve previously purchased vape products from our store that are no longer on our shelves, here are some alternative recommendations available at Magnolia for a parallel experience:

    • Khana nano gummies - Quick onset option for edibles. Effect usually kicks in within 15 to 20 minutes compared to upwards of 2 hours with a traditional edible.

    • Jade Nectar tinctures - There are 7 different options for THC and CBD rich sublingual. Their THC tinctures have an indica and sativa option at 350 mg. For CBD rich they have 1:1, 2:1 and 20:1 in Raw and fully decarboxylated options.

    • Mary's Medicinal transdermal gel pens - Applied via a roll on. Indica, Sativa, THC and CBN options. CBN pen is a staff favorite, great for sleep. Not a traditional topical, these are pschoactive.