Budtender - Trevelyn L.

Years using cannabis: 40

Years at magnolia: >1

Sativa or Indica? Indica and Hybrids

Top 3 favorite strains:

  1. Forbidden Fruit

  2. Cherry Cheesecake by Gold Seal

  3. Banana

Trevelyn is a woman of many talents and connections. She uses cannabis mostly for relaxation, pain management, and to help her sleep. Some of her favorite high activities include taking nature walks, hanging out with friends, watching movies, cooking, and playing music. One of our most compassionate employees, Trevelyn is always willing to listen, give a smile, and help raise the energy of the planet with good vibrations. The best part of her job according to Trevelyn is the connections she creates with our patients. Educating others about the medical benefits of cannabis and making patients feel comfortable and satisfied.