Friendly Farms Full Spectrum Live Resin

Check out the diamonds in these full spectrum live resins from Friendly Farms. What does full spectrum mean? It means you are getting all of the cannabinoids present in the flower preserved in these sugary concentrates. That full spectrum of cannabinoids blasts your endocannabid system with an entourage effect that will provide full body and mind highs even for those of you with high tolerances. $68/gram.

CBD Soap!?

That’s right! Our newest addition to our topical products are these CBD infused artisanal soaps by Leef Organics. We have four varieties; Charcoal and Clay, Black Chamomile, White Tea and Ginger, and Cucumber Melon. Get clean while soothing skin abrasions and rashes. Reduce inflammation in your joints while reducing dirt build up. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears!