Seniors and Marijuana

Magnolia’s very own RN Barbara Blaser wrote an article for our friends over at

There are many experts stepping forward in the world of cannabis consultation and training today, which is great. But, just to make it clear, I (Barbara) am not an expert in much of anything. The old, supposedly derogatory, saying suits me well, “Jack of all trades; master of none.” That’s me; I am an avid reader and learner, a fierce cannabis advocate, and a registered nurse with over 50 years of experience in mental health, long term care, and hospice.
I am employed at a dispensary in California, where I try to personally meet all of our new clients, whether adult or medical users. As a nurse, there is a limit to what I may do or say without exceeding the boundaries of my license, and staying within them is important. I am also a patient with a doctor’s recommendation to use cannabis. I have anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and PTSD, and primarily use tinctures, edibles and topicals to treat my symptoms.
— Barbara Blaser