Budtender - Jacob P.

Years using cannabis: 11

Years at Magnolia: 1.5

Sativa or Indica? Mostly Sativa

Top 3 favorite strains:

  1. Grand Daddy Purple

  2. GG #4

  3. Tangie

Jacob uses cannabis to treat chronic neck and back pain and help his insomnia. Jacob also uses cannabis to open his mind, to see things in a different way.  An expert in all forms of ingestion, Jacob loves introducing newbies to the volcano and VapeXhale dab machines in our lounge. In his off time you can find Jacob chilling on the beach or close to any body of water. He also likes to listen to music and play video games. The favorite part of his job is learning more about cannabis and hearing about when his recommendations work well.  They usually do, since Jacob only smokes the "fire gas."