About Us

Magnolia aims to help every individual be their best self. As Oakland’s hometown dispensary, we take a personalized, compassionate approach to help you discover and harness your internal magic using cannabis.

Magnolia is home to the first Dab Bar in Oakland, and we're committed to helping you enjoy the amazing variety of strains and products available.

Led by Debby Goldsberry, a cannabis pioneer and thought leader who continues to fight for accessibility, Magnolia has a rich legacy of cannabis advocacy, accessibility, and practical application.

At Magnolia, we are:

Our onsite RN, Barbara Blaser, former Director of Illinois MISA (Mental Illness & Substance Abuse) Institute, provides individualized medical expertise to help you find the right products and consumption method for your goals.

We welcome everyone and aim to create a safe space for all.

We love learning more about cannabis and sharing that information with everyone who walks through our door.

We provide guidance on harnessing cannabis’ power to heal, open new perspectives, and heighten experiences for personal transformation.

Magnolia offers frequent special deals to keep our products accessible for all community members. Sign up for email or text alerts to get them sent directly to you.

Experiment with consumption methods and strains in a safe space at our Dab Bar and Vapor Lounge, or enjoy one of our exciting events. Check our events calendar for upcoming dates for free classes, vendor days, and more.