Wellness Services, Classes, & Groups

Magnolia Oakland offers groups and classes in the comfort of our dispensary and lounge.

Magnolia Wellness' classes are designed for both the novice and experienced cannabis users. You can learn to use a vaporizer, try dabbing concentrated marijuana, or find out the difference between CBD and THC. You are not alone.

Our bud tenders are patients themselves with the skills and knowledge to help you select the product that meets your needs. Our own registered nurse, Barbara Blaser RN, is a cannabis nurse navigator. You can make an appointment to meet for an individual appointment or meet her at a class.

Continue reading below for a descriptions of Magnolia Oakland's classes, support groups, and wellness services. Everything on this page is offered to our members. Visit the Magnolia events calendar for the current schedule.

We also post our events on Facebook and on Meetup.

Patient wellness services

Magnolia Oakland offers the following therapeutic services to our members every Wednesday:

 Fatema offers free massages every Wednesday.

Fatema offers free massages every Wednesday.

 Dr. Dancy offers free chiropractor appointments every Wednesday.

Dr. Dancy offers free chiropractor appointments every Wednesday.

  • Massage on Wellness Wednesday
    Massage is a  part of complementary and alternative medicine. It is a standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Many people use massage as an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

    You must register at our reception desk for an appointment. Appointments are 15 minutes long. The dispensary offers a full range of medicated topical. Ask your massage therapist for more information.

  • Chiropractor on Wellness Wednesday
    Used by many, chiropractics offers a natural approach to healthcare. This  can provide relief from neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

    You must register at our reception desk for an appointment. Appointments are 15 minutes long. Treatment takes place in the professional doctor’s office in our building. Used as an adjunct service, coupled with cannabis, patients report often being able to return to their highest level of functioning.  Make your appointment soon.

Groups & Classes

Cannabusiness 101

This 15 week class is based on the book by Debby Goldsberry, the Executive Director of Magnolia Wellness, “Starting and Running a Marijuana Business”. The classes provide a road map for anyone interested in joining the “green rush”. Learn how to write a business plan, how to select funders, find a location, hire staff, and the legal aspects of the cannabis industry. Each class is taught by a content expert on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Microdosing Magic

Learn how to use smaller doses to achieve the desired affects from cannabis. Look at the right dose, the right route of consumption and the right product for you. Taught by our registered nurse, we will look at a variety of products and how you can microdose. For instance, did you know you can freeze and infused drink in an ice cube tray and use one or two cubes at a time to easily calculate dose.

Learn more about the importance of starting low and going slow from our friends at Leafly.

Senior Wellness Group


Cannabis for Seniors-The Fountain of Youth?

Noted to be the fastest growing group of new cannabis users, this class provides seniors with the basics of cannabis. Participants learn about the endocannabiniod system, terpenes, modes of administration and dosing. Taught by our registered nurse, herself a 73 year old, the class is interesting and informative.  Please check the calendar for dates and times.

Attendance not limited to seniors. Patients and Caregivers welcome. Come and help our Clinical Director, Barbara Blaser, by brainstorming ideas for future Senior Wellness sessions. 

Tea & Cookies with the Director of Clinical Services

Patients and caregivers welcome. Want to learn about your health condition? Get your blood pressure checked? Talk to other people who have similar issues. Let’s see if we can make this a regular event to just spend a little time together.  

Come spend time with other people who may experience the same issues you do. You are not alone!

Caregiver Group

Attendance not limited to caregivers. Patients and caregivers welcome. Did you know Caregiver issues can affect individuals who provide care to a loved one, friend, or family member? These issues may include stress, isolation, and fatigue... just to name a few. It can be rewarding to care for a loved one or family member, but it can also be stressful, traumatic, or otherwise difficult.

Come spend time with other people who may experience the same issues you do. You are not alone!

Operation EVAC: Educating Veterans About Cannabis

This peer lead support group is geared to the needs of military veterans. The mission is to support the growth and healing of veterans through mutual assistance, personal development and community service.

The group meets at Magnolia on the second and fourth Mondays of each month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

compassion program


Magnolia is pleased to provide quality medication at no cost to qualified patients. You must be a registered, active client at Magnolia Oakland, and have documentation from your physician indicating that you have an illness meeting the criteria for the program:

  • HIV

  • Crohn's Disease

  • Cancer

You must renew your membership in the Compassion Program quarterly. Compassion patients must renew every January, April, July, and October. If you fail to register or renew your membership you may be required to wait until the next registration period. Compassion patients must make one purchase in a 30 day rolling period to qualify for free medication.

All medication for the Compassion Program will be pre-packaged by Magnolia staff. The patient will have a choice of indica or sativa medication only. There will be no substitutions. Please call on Sunday or before 10am on Monday to assure you have a bag reserved. Medication will be held for you for two weeks. If you are sick or unable to pick up your medication please call to assure it is held for you. 


Food Bank

Magnolia Oakland is happy to provide food to help supplement your family's food supply. Please visit us to see if you qualify and fill out an application. In order to provide services to as many families as possible there will be a limit of three bags per family. Sorry, but we are unable to furnish food for pets. 

Food bags are pre-packaged. Options include regular, vegetarian, and nut-free. If you need additional resources for food, you can ask our reception staff for a referral sheet for additional Oakland food banks.