What happens in July?


You may have seen our blow out sale page, if not check it out here. The reason we are blowing out old inventory is because starting July 1st the newest set of regulations go into effect. This new set of regulations largely has to do with how product is tested, packaged, and what is displayed on that package.  Everything that is on our shelves will have to meet these requirements.  Many of our vendors have been scrambling to update their products to be able to continue to provide them to you.  Sadly, some vendors are less ready than others.  This means it is a good idea to stock up on your favorite products now, because they might not be available for a while come July.  

As of the writing of this post less than half of the edible brands we carry will be able to stay on the shelves July 1st. Extracts and Concentrates are in a similar situation.  We are working with all of our vendors to get compliant products on our shelves as fast as possible. One of the roadblocks to this is that their are only 32 testing facilities in California and hundreds of brands out there who now need to have all of their products tested. So if our shelves look a little bare in July now you know why. You have been warned!

Community Services

Did you know that Magnolia Wellness offers a number of community services in addition to the cannabis medicines we provide?  Our budtenders don't take cash tips, instead we ask our patients to donate to one of our many charity drives. Right now we are accepting donations for our food bank program, National Night Out a school supply drive, and The Hood Incubator; a group that helps minority business owners get started in the cannabis industry. 

We offer free cannabis classes, designed to help you start and run your own cannabis business every Sunday.  We feature guest speakers who are experts in the industry to cover everything from cannabis basics to finding and pitching to investors, to maintaining intellectual properties and copyright management. 

On Wednesdays we offer free Chiropractor and Massage services to all members. Chiropractor sessions are from 1PM to 3PM and Massage is from 3:30PM to 5PM. Sign up early because space is limited and fills up quickly!


New Express Ordering System!

You may notice our online menu looks a little different. We have been working hard to update our express ordering system to be more accurate and faster.  We dropped the 3rd party ordering system we had been using and are now fully integrated with Treez. This should mean less out of stock notices and cancelations and a more detailed ordering experience with text updates at every stage of fulfillment. 

If you have any questions or problems with our new system please call us at 510-679-1923 and we will be happy to assist you. 


Blurry Vision Music Festival


Nestled between West Oakland Bart Station and Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, Magnolia Wellness is the closest and last place to stock up on goodies for this two day music festival that benefits charities like Serenity House, The Khadafy Washington Foundation, and Mack to Africa. 

Come in and grab a new vape pen and an edible before enjoying artists like Sza, and Migos.  Or get the party started early in our dab bar and vape lounge. Festival doors don't open until Noon, but our doors open at 9AM!

Eastbay Cannabis Community Meet-up

Magnolia Wellness is proud to host the East Bay Cannabis Communty's monthly meet-up. Our next event is Friday, March 2nd from 5pm to 8pm.  We provide music, food, and a safe inclusive environment to medicate and mingle with like-minded individuals.  Check out these pictures from our last Meet-up!

 Seniors find that our events are an excellent way to get out of the house and socialize. 

Seniors find that our events are an excellent way to get out of the house and socialize. 

 Refresh with hand crafted Kombucha "mock"-tails. 

Refresh with hand crafted Kombucha "mock"-tails. 

 Learn about cannabis and share your stories with others.

Learn about cannabis and share your stories with others.

 Medical patients are treated to complimentary dabs and volcano bags. 

Medical patients are treated to complimentary dabs and volcano bags. 

The Lounge is (soft) Open!


Magnolia welcomes you to spend some time in our lounge with our complimentary volcano vaporizors and Vape Exhale dab machines.  Buy your medicine and use our equipment to medicate in a safe and welcoming environment.  Don't know how to dab? Want to try? We can show you how to use our Vape Exhale dab machines. Keep an eye out for our Super Bowl party details will follow soon.  

Vape Exhael.jpg